All of Our Fabrics

If you found another Lycra/Spandex fabric and would like in a suit, let us know as we can work with you on it

If you have a pattern that can be printed, we can have Lycra/Spandex created from it and a suit make - just contact us.

3D Hearts

1/2" Aqua Blue-White Stripe

Abstract Tie De


Baby Blue  - this fabric will become sheer when wet without a liner


Baby Blue Ribbed



1/2" Black'White Stripe

Black Bandana

Black on White Bandana

Black Fishnet

Black Green Orange Leopard

Black Lace

Black Mesh


Black/White Holey

Black/White Double Face

Black White Abstract Dots

Black/White Illusion

Black/White Leaf


Blue Bandana

Blue Pink Floral Print

Blue Pink Tie Print

Blue Purple

Blue Mesh


Blue Red Metallic Mesh


Blue Plaid

Blue Scribble

Blue Snakeskin

Blue (Royal) Sheer When Wet

Blue/White Polkadot

Blue/White Stripe

Blue White Palm Trees

Brick Wetlook


Brown Mesh

Burgundy Velvet


Burnout Red Velvet

Camo Mesh - See through


Champagne Mesh




Colored Leaf

Colored Smoke - semi-sheer when wet on white parts

Copper Black Flames

Cooper WetLook

Coral WetLook




Dusty Rose

Faux Black Leather

Fence Rainbow





Floral Print

Floral Print 2

Foil Tiger

Fuchsia Black Hologram

Fushsia Sequins Stripe

Fuchsia Tie Dye

Fuschia Vinyl


Gold & Black Dots

Gold/Black/White Sequin

Gold Stretch Sequins

Gold Pink Lace

Gold Purple Leopard Metallic

Gold Printed

Gold Star White Mesh

Gold Yellow Tie Dyed

Gold Wetlook

Gold Striped White



Graffiti Print

Gray TieDye

Green Camo


1/2" Lime Green-White Stripe

Green Dots

Green Jersey

Green Leaf

Green Mesh

Green Pearl Sequins on Mesh

Green Plaid

Green WetLook


Green Feather

Gray SnakeSkin

Half Colored Circle Foil

Hot Coral


Hot Pink Dots

Hot Pink Lace  


Hot Pink Mesh


Hunter Green

Jade Green WetLook



Lavender Mesh

Leaf Print





Lilace Mirror Dot

Light Pink WetLook


Mallard Lace

Soft Maroon

Metallic Black


Metallic Blue


Metallic Bubblegum

Metallic Copper


Metallic Gold


Metallic Green


Metallic Pink


Metallic Purple


Metallic Purple Mesh

Metallic Purple Swirl

Metallic Red

Metallic Silver


Multi Colored Abstract

Multi Colored Square Hologram

Navy Blue

Neon Green


Neon Green Lightning

Neon Green Lace

Neon Green Yellow

Neon Green Striped Black Net

Navy Lace

Neon Orange

Neon Orange Net

Neon Pink


Neon TieDye

Neon Yellow Velvet

Nude/Light Tan


Nude Lace (shown against black)


Off-White Mesh

Olive Green


Orange/White  Stripe

Orange Bandana

Orange Dot

Orange Polka Dot

Orange Wonder Mesh

Orange WetLook


Orange Mesh

Orange Yellow Tie Dye

Orange Shattered Glass

Palm Island

Pearl White Nude Sequin


Pink Bandana


Pink Barbie

Pink Black Gold Animal Print

Pink Camo

Pink Heart Mesh

Pink Jersey

Pink Lace


Pink Lace Sequin

Pink Plaid

Pink Orange Printed

Pink Polka Dot

Pink Sequin  (we can get many colors in sequins)


Pink/White Stripe

Pink Flamingo

Pink/White Polka Dot

Pink Snake



Polka Dots

Printed Mesh

Plum WetLook


Purple Black Holographic

Purple Black Spiderweb Sheer

Purple Heart Foil on Purple

Purple Net

Purple Black Design Mesh

Purple Polka Dot Mesh

Purple Hanging Chad

Rainbow Stripes

Red/Black History

Red Bandana


Red Jersey

Red Mesh


Red Polka Dot

Red Gold Metallic Mesh

Red Lace


Red Sequin


Red Shattered Glass

Red WetLook


Red Swirl Tie Dye

Red Velvet


Red White Tablecloth

Red/White Stripes

Red Hearts on White

Red Hearts on White

Rose Ribbed

Royal Blue


Royal Blue black Lace Mesh

Royal Plaid


Santa Claus

Shamrock 1

Shamrock 2

Sheer Mesh Dollars

Sheer When Wet - Cream

Sheer When Wet - Fuchsia

Sheer When Wet - Jade

Sheer When Wet - Matte Black

Sheer When Wet - Matte Brown

Sheer When Wet - Matte Light Pink

Sheer When Wet - Matte Peach

Sheer When Wet - Matte Pink

Sheer When Wet - Matte Red

Sheer When Wet - Matte Salmon

Sheer When Wet - Matte Turquoise

Sheer When Wet - Matte Yellow

Sheer When Wet - Shiny Baby Blue

Sheer When Wet - Shiny Beige

Sheer When Wet - Shiny Black

Sheer When Wet - Shiny Charcoal

Sheer When Wet - Shiny Charteuse

Sheer When Wet - Shiny Coral

Sheer When Wet - Shiny Daffadil Yellow

Sheer When Wet - Shiny Gold

Sheer When Wet - Shiny Hot Pink

Sheer When Wet - Shiny Ivory

Sheer When Wet - Shiny Jewel Green

Sheer When Wet - Shiny Bright Coral

Sheer When Wet - Shiny Light Yellow

Sheer When Wet - Shiny Lilac

Sheer When Wet - Shiny Navy Blue

Sheer When Wet - Shiny Neon Green

Sheer When Wet - Shiny Neon Orange

Sheer When Wet - Shiny Purple

Sheer When Wet - Shiny Red

Sheer When Wet - Shiny Royal Blue

Sheer When Wet - Shiny Salmon

Sheer When Wet - Shiny Silver

Sheer When Wet - Shiny Turquoise

Sheer When Wet - Shiny White

Silver Stretch Mesh

Silver Bandana

Silver Black Hologram 

Silver Colored Hologram

Silver Holographic Multi Colored


Snake Skin – Green


Slate Gray

Spiral Abstract

Steel Gray



Teal Metallic

Teal Lace Sequin

Teal Wetlook

Tie Dye Abstract



Turquoise Abstract

Turquoise Bandana

Turquoise & Black Hologram

Turquoise Crushed Velvet

Violet Bandana

Vertical Stars

White Lace


White Mesh


White Stars

White Terry Cloth

White - this fabric will become sheer when wet without a liner


White Crosscut

White Foil Dot

Yellow Fuschia Gold Hologram

White Jersey

Yellow Polka Dot

Winter Woods

White Ruffle

Yellow Bandana

Yellow Mesh

Yellow Holey

Yellow Wet Look