Swimsuit Care

Caring for your new custom suit doesn't have to be complex.

The common laundry care labels are

We think these five simple rules will provide the highest level of care for your suit.

Some other things to consider include:

Before washing: avoid wringing or leaving bunched up in a pile. Rinse suit as soon as possible

When washing: use mild detergent and warm water or better yet cold water

When drying: best on a line in the shade

Avoid chlorine as much as possible especially spas and hot tubs as they have a high concentration of chlorine

Dry cleaning is a definite no-no

Ironing would be a poor choice as well

Tumble drying will cause early suit failure

Finally, not all tanning products are the same. Be very careful with fake tanning products, oils and sunscreens as they can stain and damage the suits