Jewelry Cleaning

Most of our jewelry is meant to get wet either in the pool or the ocean.

Our nipple stirrups are Surgical Stainless Steel and specifically meant to withstand the harsh environment of the pool and ocean. Our model has worn the exact barbells and stirrups for over 3 years without any issues.

The lobster clasps used on our nipple chains and dangles are stainless steel and will also do a fairly good job on holding up in the pool and ocean.

The remainder of the jewelry unless specifically stated is plated aluminum or plated steel and will tarnish in these environments. We HIGHLY recommend that you clean your chains and dangles at the end of the day.

Our routine after a day at the beach resort is to remove all of the jewelry and put in our portable ultrasonic cleaner with a little WARM (not hot) tap water and a couple drops of soap. We will just use the shower gel provided by the resort

While these are cleaning, I'll get out the night dangles and jewelry. It is a nice plan while she's taking her shower.

After a few minutes, the jewels are placed in another bath of warm water (be careful to not use hot or cold water since jewelry doesn't like extremes)

After the rinse, dry the piueces with a paper towel (hard to get in resort) or a cloth.

If really dirty, bring along a new baby soft toothbrush for little scrubbing.

We don't recommend
  • Witch Hazel - too acidic
  • Vineger - too acidic
  • Baking soda - too abrasive
  • Old Toothbrush - please don't as there will be toothpaste residue and that's abrasive
  • Salt - really? no abrasive

For REAL gems that aren't rubies, diamonds, or sapphires....we really do recommend taking to a jewelry for cleaning...