What makes Exposure by joe different in the bikini arena?

First, our bikinis are made-to-order based on your measurements and style requirements.   For this reason, we ask that you double check all required measurements to be sure you get a product that fits how you want it to fit.

We aren't a mass-product factory.   Your bikini is made by hand with the care given to each and every item that we would expect.   This attention to detail is lost today.  


  Fabric - we use the best possible spandex that we can find.   We are always looking for unique fabric patterns.

  Thread - we use Gutermann threads.   These are really the best threads available today.

  Stitching - we use cover stitching to give you the highest level of stitching available.   


While you might be a medium on the bottom...you might be a small or large on top.   So does that mean you need to purchase two complete bikinis in order to get the right top and bottom?   Not with us, you pick and choose based on your desire.


As mentioned above, all of our items are created based on your measurements.   As you will see when you purchase a bikini top or bottom, we ask a few questions.   The questions will relate to the style you desire as well as the necessary measurements to create your custom piece.


Because we use your measurements, there are no standard product sizes.   No small, medium, and large.   Certainly no "one size fits all"...seriously, how is that suppose to work in the first place - no size fits all...certainly if you want it to look good.

Finally, our designs are meant for exposure.   Granted you could just forgo the top altogether but sometimes a little mystery helps.   Show what you've got ... hence our slogan - Barely Covered Assets.