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Bikini Strip Bikini Top

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Bikini Strip Width(inches):

Bikini Strip Length(inches) - total across both breasts:

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Trim is fabric around the main fabric of the bikini piece
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Tie are the pieces that connect the bikini to you (bra strap, neck ties, bottom ties)
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Product Details

This bikini top is probably one of the best way to turn heads on the beach without being topless.   Using the included Bikini Bite, this strip attaches to your breasts and stays there until you want to pull it off.   Tan your back without undoing ties.
Roll the Bikini Bite on the areas of your breasts that the strip covers (typically the sides) as well as on the liner of the strip, wait 30 seconds, then press the strip against your breasts and hold for another 30 seconds.   That's it - instant grab.   Works through sweat although it will come off in the pool or ocean!  
This is bikini top is for show!    At the right resort, wear to the beach, get in the water and when you come out you are ready for lounging....without a top.
The edges are folded under and sewn
Bikini Bite comes off with soap and water.
Model is wearing 4" height by 15" width top

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