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About Exposure by joe

We started going to the Riviera Maya in the southern Yucatan Peninsula over a decade ago.   Mostly we went as a vacation away from the kids.  

She wore traditional bikinis from the big box stores like Walmart, Target as well as those from Venus.   They did their job just fine but are really a bit bland and in some cases, we saw other women wearing the same exact suit including color!  

In the evenings, she would wear dresses that we also found at Venus and actually some thrift stores....I know but some of the upper-end thrift stores have some really nice clothes in them!


Several years later we were at Myrtle Beach and we happened into one of those large 'beach stores'.   These stores have everything you need for the beach including some cheap bikinis and dresses.   We picked up a couple dresses she could wear at our next resort and a bikini or two.   I happened to pick up this lilac colored basic bikini and when I got back to our place, I immediately removed the padding in the top so it would fit better and took out a pair of scissors to give the top a little more exposure...

Here's the result

coutout bikini top

I was hooked!

Now years later, we are built on the idea that you should be able to create the swimsuit of your dreams, Exposure by joe allows you to pick the exposure level of your suit, the fabric color, the trim color and the tie colors.

If you want elastic ties instead of fabrics? We can do that. Want to mix red, purple and white fabrics...we can do that.

YOU get to design your own bikini how you want it.

We also sell resort dresses that aren't what you will find in Walmart.    We purchase and make sure the sizing is right....yes, you've been there right?    You order a M (8/10) and it is really an XS (0).   You'd be amazed at what a 'M' is when ordering from overseas... they aren't all the same either.

We are here for you - want something even more custom?   Contact us.   We've created numerous products just from a customer request!